Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Until we meat again

The past week has been whirl-wind. Up to Michigan and back with a layover in St. Louis, buffered by one or two 13 hour work days. Needless to say I've barely been sleeping, let alone blogging. However, in the interim I'm happy to announce that I have officially veganized!! Woohoo!

Prior to my Michigan departure (hi MI crew! Miss you!) I finished off the last of my non-vegan food stuffs knowing that when I entered my house again it would be as a veg-only lady. And although the trip up there wasn't for the best of reasons, being the optimist that I am there were two pluses. First, it was so nice to spend a solid three days with some cousins I don't get to see nearly often enough. And second, it was my final test in the veganization process - travel. I may not be a pro at navigating the vegan lifestyle yet but over the last month I've definitely learned how to maneuver all the potential hazard situations: eating out, catered events and travel.

I've made or tasted LOTS of deliciouso foods over the past week which I'd love to tell you all about, however I'm exhausted (note sleep-deprived comment made above). I just hated that it had been so long since I updated this thing. So instead I leave you with this image. It's me holding Fritz's frozen custard (NOT to be confused with ice cream!). I wasn't actually craving Fritz's at the time, but I was driving back home knowing that once I got there, there was no turning back. Fritz's just seemed like the perfect send off. It's a summer tradition of mine dating all the way back to my booster seat years. I have memories of getting maraschino cherry juice in such a mess everywhere my parents had to pull the booster seat out of the car and hose it down. So this quick roadside stop was more of an homage to the memories than a last ditch dairy binge.

And the flavor? This use to be a 10 minute ordeal, deciding my Fritz's concrete flavor. Sunday it was easy - oreo cookie concrete. The Kristy classic. A tried and true flavor that never fails me. Yum.

So cheers to you steak and salmon, ice cream and omelets, brie and barbeque. Until we meat again...

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