Thursday, November 5, 2009

Europe: Part 1 - Addendum

My beloved farmers market has a name! Today, while perusing the 101 cookbooks blog in an attempt to find a good (but heavily modified) lasagna recipe, I found out the author recently visited Madrid. Because she's got a slightly larger following than myself, her blog was swamped with recommendations of places to visit during her travels. Mixed in with all the posts was a recommendation to visit el Mercado de San Miguel:

In Madrid don't miss the Mercado de San Miguel, a recently beautifully renovated old market with an oyster bar, a juice bar, a culinary bookstore and many other treats, you'll love it.

I thought, "Jeez, that sounds awfully familiar." One google search later and tada! Es el mercado de mi almuerzo perfecto!

Isn't it weird how you're talking about something obscure one day, and the next it's like you can't stop coming across it? I believe things come in threes, so I'm waiting for mi mercado to pop up in conversation again tomorrow or perhaps by early next week. I foresee it being brought up in conversation by someone I've never met before, or have only met briefly. In my prediction this person is male and although he enjoyed Madrid, he thought Barcelona was the superior city, which I will whole-heartedly disagree with. We both will agree that La Familia is not worth the sky-high entrance fee since you can enjoy so much of it from the outside and I think we'll both be drinking a beer.

I'll keep you posted.

y ésa es la manera que es...

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  1. and then, you guys will fall in love and walk off into the sunset together.

    HE HE HE

    I like reading Europe posts. Keep them up.