Thursday, December 9, 2010

Checking in not checking out

Confession: I have more hobbies than can comfortably fit into an average human lifespan.
Blogging is one of them and it fights for my attention. And it fights dirty. A quick link to this very site sits along my bookmarked tabs at the top of my internet browser. It eyes me disapprovingly every time I hop online to send an email, catch up on my Google Reader, check my bank account, look up a saved recipe. I wonder to myself if this is what it's like to have a Jewish grandmother. Guilt that seeps into your very bones. Eats at your soul until you start to do self deprecating things, like write long apology notes to webpages.
My name is Kristy and inanimate objects give me guilt.
I blame this on my grandpa. He said one time that you should never retire until you have plenty of hobbies to keep you busy. Not only did I take this sentiment to heart, I jumped the gun by about 30 years.
So what have I been up to? Well, I've gone to Boston and back. I designed a template for and crocheted a baby blanket for a Husker fan. (Still hard to acknowledge that one). I made one heckuva mac n' cheese and one not so great, but could be fabulous ginger carrot dish. Thanksgiving happened at some point in time. I've learned even more about my fabulous camera thanks to my uncle. I've gotten all my Christmas shopping done. I was told I "lucked into some great shots" by a couple of people. (Thanks???) I ate meat. I've acquired recipes for some very special holiday treats. I started running again. I've read several books. I went on some b-e-a-utiful bike rides. And I've done an inordinate amount of media interviews for work. Print, TV, radio, local events. Huh??? This is not bragging, this is bafflement.
All the while thinking: I wish I...
and went to Murray's...

So I've decided that if I want to make this blog work I need 1) a focus and 2) a mandate. I think I'm going to move the blog. Like a brand new notebook at the beginning of the year, I need a fresh page to gather my thoughts and concentrate. If you're one my followers (secret or otherwise) stay tuned. Any maybe some encouragement? Maybe my public blogging should become private journalling?


  1. don't feel bad about not blogging as much. you've been LIVING LIFE FULLY, which is always way better than blogging about LIVING LIFE SORT-OF FULLY. do what you love and love what you do, and the rest of us will just be lucky if we get a glimpse of it through your blog!