Monday, September 27, 2010

On the town with Freddie

I know. The last one. You're thinking, "A ceiling fan?"

I took Freddie out for an inaugural spin this weekend. Nothing fancy. I was too scared to take him anywhere until I got a camera bag, and once I walked out of the store with him nestled in the carrier I figured now was as good a time as any to get some shots. Mostly just testing the waters. I learn how to use things best by doing vs. reading so I just wandered around for an hour or so snapping shots of whatever caught my eye. Stretching my camera's legs if you will.

But I know, the ceiling fan. I don't know what it is about that shot. It was so off the cuff I don't even remember framing the shot. It was more: point, focus, shoot. But I'm obsessed! I think I just like how the whole shot has a golden hue and the camera caught the motion of the blades without it being completely blurry. Maybe this is my next calling in life? Fan photography? Somewhere out there an interior designer is agony.

Any who-dinger...for those parties interested (is anyone out there interested?) cooking is also back on my itinerary. A fall chill is finally in the air and this calls for a welcome shift in my recipe selection. So as long as work doesn't consume my life - as it threatens to this week - I should have some food posts on the horizon. Two dishes in particular. One is and old favorite of mine, which I consider to be the genesis of my passion for cooking. The second is a recipe I've had tucked away in one of my cookbooks since APRIL! I've been dying to bake this one up and, God willing, I'll have the chance to this week.

Until then..


  1. love the photography posts - keep 'em coming! you've got a great eye!

  2. LOL @ the fan. hehehe

    If you could pick one vegan dessert recipe which most people would like, what would it be? Ian has a co-worker who is vegan and she never gets to eat anything anyone brings in, so we want to make something she would like.

    Also, will you take our Christmas portrait with your new two months? :-) And where is that blue sign?

  3. Ashley - hands down I would pick the peanut butter oatmeal cookies I talked about back in March. (
    Vegans, Veggies and Omnivores alike all have given them rave reviews and they're also a great fall-weather dessert.

    I would LOVE to take some pics of you and Ian later this fall! I'm honored/flattered you'd even consider me! I will try my bestest not to suck :-)

    As for the blue sign, after 8 years here I finally noticed it downtown right next to the Blue Note. I had gotten some new shoes there and made a mental note to come back just to snap a shot of the signage.

  4. just so you know, the CAT will also be in those pictures! Wearing his Santa hat and beard, too! I will have to try out those cookies!! Thanks!!