Thursday, August 19, 2010

I don't bake Blackberry PIE!

Once upon a time baking scared the bejesus out of me. This particular once upon a time was about 9 months ago. Boxed cupcake mix gave me anxiety. An-xi-e-ty. Then on Monday I was out to dinner for my friend Alex's birthday and my Chocolate Cherry Coma Cookies came up. I had made a batch to give as part of a wedding gift that weekend and a few friends got the leftovers. Since there were a few people out with us that I didn't know super well one of them asked, "So you're a baker?" I almost laughed out loud that someone would even suggest that. Me?! Heck no I don't bake! I cook!
During the same dinner conversation another friend, Nick, gave me grief that I never made the blackberry pie that I had allegedly promised via a facebook conversation. He was mistaken. I do not bake pies.
Then guilt set in.
And somehow I made this.
So as I was waiting for my pie (my first pie) to finish baking, I got to thinking. Over the past few months I have pulled out of my oven: pound cake, soft pretzels, a couple of types of scones, endless batches of cookies and, in a few minutes, a pie. All from scratch. All using bags of flour and sugar that I've been buying as regularly as cereal.
So...shucks...I guess I am a baker.
No recipe post today. I have yet to taste the finished product since I'm still full from dinner so that will have to wait for another day. Each individual item tasted lovely, so I have high hopes. If you'd like to use the recipe I tried, check this chica's site out.
And sorry to not only be MIA for over a month, but to leave you on such a DOWNER post! Eek! More to come...