Friday, April 2, 2010

Chelsea Lately speaks louder than words

Justin Bieber (which, apparently, is NOT pronounced "bye-burr" like I had thought) was all up in my face today. He was EVERYWHERE! So much so that I finally was like, "ok kiddo, I'm going to iTunes your face all up and see what you're all about because I just don't get it."

30 second iTunes clip later (played twice)...

I still don't get it. You said "baby" 17 times in 30 seconds (trust me, it was the reason for the 2nd run through). Does that make a pop-icon-in-training nowadays?

So I had this whole post going on the Bieber-baby and then it was deemed unnecessary after the LP posted this gem on facebook. Long story short, I deleted the original post because Chelsea speaks louder than words. Enjoy.

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