Thursday, February 25, 2010

There's a reason my relationship status isn't posted on facebook

I've toyed with the idea of blogging on this topic for awhile but a myriad of things have kept me from it. However, the time has come and I'm doing it for you..."you" being whoever might be reading this right now. Each person needs to hear this from me for their own reasons, but my reason for telling you is the same. In my most soothing and comforting voice I'm telling you one thing: to calm...down...

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my relationship status would be so concerning to so many people. What I find even more exasperating is that whatever that relationship status is, you're still not any more satisfied. No, I don't cry myself to sleep every night that I am single. And no, I don't start making marriage plans when I date someone. When relationships end you wink and say "sure...for now" as if I'm denying my own feelings. And when relationships start you're hesitant as if I don't know what I'm getting into. I just want you to know that whatever happens in my life, you're going to survive. You. YOU are going to survive.
(Still in calming, soothing voice-mode here)

Somehow you've managed to manifest your own discomfort with my relationship status as MY discomfort with my relationship status, and I want you to realize this.

So to help I've created a Pro/Pro debate below. A list of things that I think are pro's about being single, and a list of things that I think are pro's about being in a relationship. I want you to refer to this when you're feeling a little uneasy.

First, pro-single (because I think you struggle with this more).
  1. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. Example: "Kristy, what service are you going to?" Response: "Whichever one I wake up in time for."
  2. I can eat a spicy and elaborate Thai dish for dinner one night and vanilla yogurt the next.
  3. "Girls night" is every night, not just once every 6-7 months.
  4. I only have one set of families to travel to over the holidays.
  5. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. Example: "So are you planning on staying in Columbia?" Response: "I don't know, I'll move to Colorado eventually, but I'm thinking about living in Chicago for awhile."
Second, pro-relationship (because this is a good thing, too)
  1. Built in buddy system.
  2. Warm and fuzzies.
  3. First getting to know someone.
  4. Really getting to know someone.
  5. Wanting to worry and care about someone because they worry and care about you.
Like I tell my patients...I'm a glass is half full sort of girl.

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  1. the thing i like best about this post? the idea of "pro/pro" lists, because no one ever said there has to be a whole list of cons. you really are a glass half full girl!