Sunday, January 3, 2010

01/03/10 - 9:47pm CST

Things on my mind right now:

I wish I wouldn't of taken a nap this afternoon because now I won't be able to fall asleep, which I need to do since I'll be getting up around 5 tomorrow.

My hair is getting long. I hate that I'm forced to blow dry it in the mornings because it's about 5 degrees outside and I don't want to get my self sick(er).

I would probably do little in the hair and make-up department each morning if it weren't for the fact that I see patients/clients on a daily basis. Even though I don't want to be older the effort makes me look older, which I think gives them peace of mind. I would still dress the same. I'm a clothes horse for a reason.

I need to pay rent.

If it weren't for the half filled boxes of Christmas decorations in my living room right now, I wouldn't believe Christmas came and went yet.

How much better do you need to be before resuming workouts? I want to start training for my next half, but I don't want to make myself sicker...which will only impede my training later. But I miss running and lifting and breaking a sweat for an hour or two a day in general.

When I get to see old friends and they ask, "Do you still love your job?" it reminds me how fortunate I am. However, if I never went to another health fair ever again, even if I was merely a participant, I'd be A-O.K. with that. A-O.K. The sheer boredom is torture.

10:02pm...let's see how sleepy a shower will make me.


  1. With what sickness are you afflicted? Sighhh I've had a cold since the day before Christmas Eve! I was in the same spot...when should I exercise?! Hope you finally got to sleep -- that 5 a.m. stuff is WAY early.

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