Thursday, October 8, 2009

A joyful reunion


Sorry, but out of many, many options that was the only way I could think to really start this post. The same way I greet a friend that I haven't seen in a long time. I mean, it hasn't really been that long, but when you've been without internet for 4 days it makes you antsy. I've gone without internet for weeks at a time, but it was voluntary. When it's rudely taken away from you by Mediacom (booo, hisss!!) and you're regularly using the world wide web to pay your bills, get your weather, track your runs, read the news or connect with friends it becomes an unwelcome lifestyle change. With that said, my first web-stop post-internet-drought was the CenturyTel website. After four years of Mediacom-driven headaches I'm making the switch. Stop number two: blog.

I have wanted to talk about so many things here, and now that I can finally put fingers to keys my brain has become a virtual traffic jam of possible postings. There's no way I can pick one and be satisfied, so instead I'm going to list off some of the things that have been on my mind lately. I wish I could have a vote for which topic you, my readers, would like me to expand upon, but I just don't think there are enough of you. Is it still democratic when less than 10 people vote? So instead I'll get the initial rush out of my system and then focus my brainwaves on the next post. Until then, I give you my mental meanderings...

1. My "hippie" friend Amber is amazing. Whether I get to see her regularly or not she reminds me of what's important in life and in doing so has made me a better person in the time I've known her. This weekend I found out she put in her notice at work and is going to build a cob house and live off the land in Oregon.

2. I love my job. Although it has its ups and downs just like any other human interaction you can have in life I am so completely satisfied by it that doesn't seem...real. It's one of the many places I've been absolutely blessed in life.

3. I've been back from Europe for 4 months and I still haven't posted all of my pictures or shared all of my stories from the experience. And I've been thinking that this blog might be a good outlet for that.

4. I've gone from barely being able to complete the mile run in high school to being able to run 10 miles (soon to be 13) and feeling good at the end of it. It's one of the few things in my life that I'm genuinely bad at, but have continued to do and I don't know why.



  1. Wow! 13 miles... are you training for something?

  2. Yes, I'm doing a half marathon in 1 week. Eek!

  3. I found your blog on my friend sara's blog. I just completed a half-marathon felt great! Where is yours? Check out my blog: I post about running a lot!

  4. awwwwwww Love you! Why didn't I know about this blog long long ago????????????????? Probably because I am a horrible person and don't write letters in a timely manner.

    YOU are amazing, and FUNNY to boot!